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A famous hot spring ranked among the top 100 in Japan
Legend says that Emperor Jinmu was purified in the Chishanoki River waters at birth. The waters from the spring turned into a glittering gold and gently cleansed his soul. The spring waters continue to live on in legend among the people.
Spring Quality
Quality Carbonated iron spring
Effects neuralgia, sore muscles, joint pains, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, bruises, stiff joints, sprains, hemorrhoids, bad blood circulation, fatigue, cuts, burns, exercise sclerosis, high blood pressure, and menstruation disorders and promotes recovering from illnesses, clear skin, and good health
When drank improves digestive diseases, chronic constipation, and anemia
Source Natural spring (on-site)
Fee Adults: ¥550 per use Children: ¥250 per use Frequent-user: (10-ticket pack) ¥4000

7449 Oaza Kamamuta Nishimorokata, Miyazaki 889-4414

TEL.0984-42-3326 FAX.0984-42-3780

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